ATTA BJ西餐厅坐落于繁华老佛爷百货,文艺气息的打卡网红意大利餐厅。餐厅以简约的水泥灰色赋予空间调性,再以镀钛金属营造出整个餐厅低调奢华的氛围感。整个空间布局自然顺畅,灯光点缀适宜,材料运用自然,营造出优雅的就餐环境。在开放的布局中,相当体量的艺术灯具贯穿整个空间,让食客在视觉上产生一种视觉张力。镀钛不锈钢和艺术玻璃的组合,营造出隔而不透的空间神秘感。展现都市时尚的同时也充分展示出了西餐厅固有的文化内涵和经营特色。

Atta BJ is located in Galaries Lafayette in cantral business district, which is the most artistic and popular Italian restaurant in Beijing. The restaurant gains a certain tonality in the space with purified cement gray, and  was created a luxurious but restrained atmosphere with titanium plated metal. The entire layout of the space is natural and smooth, with appropriate lighting and naturally used materials, creating a delicate and elegant feelings. In the open area, considerable volume of artistic lamps light the whole space througout, expressing a visual tension. The combination of titanium plated stainless steel and art glass creates a sense of  mystery. When showing the urban fashion, it also represents a unique cultural connotation and management characteristics of the western restaurant.

餐厅的平面布局特色以散台与吧台为轴心,艺术灯具将整个空间串联成为一个整体,包房违和在散台区四周,合理安排了人流导向,动线流畅,散座区合理的布局也起到了疏导的作用。ATTA BJ整体没有太多装饰的细节,在整个空间里,用弧形线条的建筑来表达优雅、简约的空间艺术性,再配上张章艺术家的画作《腹语》,给人一种穿越的感觉。衬托出了ATTA BJ的文化理念:人先要懂得先去爱别人,要舍得的同时,寻找知己,寻找天下有大爱之人。所以,爱他,ATTA BJ。为爱不打烊。

The plane layout of the restaurant is characterized by the scattered counter and the bar as the center. The art lamps connect the whole space into a whole. The private rooms are around the scattered counter. The activities of customers are reasonably arranged with smooth moving lines.There are not too many decorative details in Atta BJ. Architectural elements with arc lines are used to express the elegance and minimalism art. The painting of “Ventriloquism” by artist Zhang Zhang enlights the restaurant and gives customers classic emotions. It sets off the cultural concept of atta BJ: “initially, people need to love, to give, and find love. Atta BJ, never stop to love.